Walking In L.A.

Back in 1982, Missing Persons claimed that "nobody walks in L.A." To some extent, that still holds true. Compared to other cities, such as New York, we definitely have more people in cars than on the sidewalks. E and I like to walk. Luckily, there are several restaurants within a mile or so radius of our house that we enjoy strolling to. Not as often as we should.

A couple of Fridays ago, I shared with Jenn that I was planning to take my car in for an oil change and then walk home. Her response, via email:

"Are you high? Nobody walks in l.a."

I laughed and headed over to the dealership, which I had determined was 1.3 miles from home. I dropped the car and set out for a nice walk. It was warm, sunny, and breezy. In fact, it was the day after high winds in L.A. had caused fires, power outages, and various other bits of destruction. I'd brought my camera along and snapped a photo of a broken tree.


Just as I set out on foot, I got a text message from Jenn saying:
"Don't do it!"

Too late. I was footloose and fancy free!

I made pretty good time and upon walking up to the front of my house, I realized I'd left my house key with my car keys at the dealership. 1.3 miles away. Sure, E was home, but he was quite ill and I assumed he was asleep. I did manage to break in to my house. However, I thought maybe it wasn't a great idea to have my key in the possession of people who had my address. Not that they couldn't just break in, like I did.

I updated Jenn, as I figured she might appreciate the turn of events.
Her response:

"See?! Bad things happen. No good has ever come from walking.
Ask Jesus."

So, I had something to chuckle about as I hoofed it 1.3 miles back to get my car. It was actually ready when I got there, so I didn't even have to wait.

If I was to say I learned a lesson from this experience, it was that I should separate my keys before leaving them with someone. I will walk again though. And continue to drive much more.


madretz said...

That's funny! The two of you have a great sense of humor.
You've seen L.A. Story, I suspect? Hilariously stereotypically LA. Love it!

Nanette said...

Dahahaha! Eric is lucky. I would have woken him up.

Jodi said...

Well, he was awake. He was actually the one to point out that it probably wasn't so smart to leave my house key like I did! : )

Anonymous said...

I am glad you stuck with it and walked...if you think "nobody walks in LA" you should come to Tulsa - at least half of the city doesn't even have sidewalks. Our song could be "you take your life into your own hands if you walk in Tulsa."

Anonymous said...


Jesus was a walker.......So what will he say when you ask why you should not walk in LA...???

"My child, your feet are made for such paths of glorious walks- especially if one should pass an inn with doughnuts and coffee. Be Blessed. Jesus"

I wanna know...
lurve you

Anonymous said...

Heh. I have that record at home. It was 1982 when it came out. Does that make you feel old or what? (That was the year I graduated college and moved to California.)

And I like being the subversive pedestrian, too. I did it at San Jose Airport last year. I thought it was stupid to ride three miles on a bus to get to a place that was only 1/4 mile from the terminal. But that was an overland bushwhack:

Chris said...

I love that song and we have the album as well (on vinyl - I need to rip it or get the mp3).

I often find myself on business trips without a car at all or sharing a rental car with people who don't want to do what I do, so I wind up walking around strange cities way too much. Some cities are good for walking, Washington and, to some extent, Philadelphia.

In California, though, I got strange looks from drivers as I walked a block from my hotel to get a taco. Outside of Hollywood Blvd. and shopping areas, the only people I saw under their own power were a few joggers and some homeless people.

Bravo! Take back the streets and sidewalks (when there are sidewalks).

Anonymous said...

Good one Chris. Next time I will text her, "What are you jogging...or a HOBO??"

Mandy said...

If you can't trust the garage to look after your keys, you can't trust them to service your car properly either.

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