What's With Today, Today?

Some of the things I did today:
  • Picked up dog poop in the back yard.
  • Steam cleaned the dining room carpet.
  • Walked to a local theater to see a play.
It doesn't cover everything. I won't bother listing what I didn't get done.


Anonymous said...

A case?!

Darlene said...

Now we need to see a list of things you didn't do.

Anonymous said...

Cucumber soda??? What is that ... does it taste nice?
I cleaned up kitty litter this morning and am doing the laundry. C is for chores this morning.
Happy Easter to your little tribe ... wishing you many blessings.

ren said...

oh dear god, did you go see "fool for love?"

did you like it?

it is one of my least favorite plays ever. but i am not keen on sam shepherd anyway.

what did you think?

Jodi said...

@ren: I did enjoy it. A good friend directed and starred in it.

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