I Think I'm Turning Japanese, I Really Think So*

I recently mentioned that E and I celebrated our 13th anniversary. Never ones to be traditional, or even modern, we skipped the gifts of lace and textiles/furs. Instead he's the proud owner of two new light sabers and I received the following awesome presents, direct from Japan:
  • Hamster Stickers: This cool book of sticky hamstery goodness is done by Yoneo Morita, the "most famous and enthusiastic pet photographer in Japan." I'm not sure I can use them because they are so adorable! Maybe I'll photograph them sometime.
  • Animal Crossing: The Movie: This animated film is directly based on the video game that I'm currently obsessed with. There are no English subtitles, but my knowledge of the Animal Crossing world helps me follow the story. It came with a bonus soft case, decorated with some of the game's characters, for the DS Lite.
  • Komaneko Box Set: I don't really hate cats. Especially a kawaii kitty who makes her own puppets and then shoots them in a stop-motion movie. E and I saw the film at the L.A. Film Fest last summer and I was smitten. This special edition includes all kinds of goodies, like some plush characters and photos. Again, no English subtitles on the dvd, but there is very little dialog anyway.
*Okay, not really. And yes, I know what the song is actually about and I'm not discussing THAT either!


Anonymous said...

Ha. ha.

love the title and what it DOESN'T represent.

Had me going for a sec.


Yvett said...

Hee, hee! I was wondering if you knew what it meant.

I like that you're doing the list thing. I sooooo wanted to when I first read about it here. Then I forgot and missed the first two days. I thought about starting off yesterday, but it really felt like cheating. I've challenged myself to post daily, though. We'll see how long that lasts.

Peeved Michelle said...

I used to have that song as my ring tone and I don't know what it really means so perhaps you can enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

yes i have to claim ignorance also on the meaning of that song...?

Jodi said...

@Peeved Michelle and Ambitious Hamster: Check your email.

Caveman said...

What, no Pocky?

(I to am curious about the song)

Shayne said...

Oooh, I need me some hamster stickers!

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