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Lists. I love 'em. I don't know if it's biological at all, but SnarkyMom is quite the list maker herself. Her daily things to do is quite elaborate and she not only crosses out, but also highlights or something like that. I'm not quite that organized. I often have more than one going at a time. Sometimes they are repetitive, if a task is REALLY important. Other times, I don't even look at them once I've made it. In that case, it serves as a brain dump that hopefully clears away some of the mind clutter. I'm not convinced that it always works. Here are some lists I make regularly:
  • Groceries. I don't have a running one, in spite of a nifty program in my PDA that could serve this purpose. I do this as I'm about to run to the store. Four out of five times, I still forget to get something.
  • Work tasks. I usually have a list at work that gets revised multiple times during the day. This is the one I follow most closely. Write this report, email this person, update this document, punch so-and-so. Okay, I may be exaggerating on the last point, but I haven't gotten to my mental list yet.
  • Packing. I always make lists if I'm going out of town, even if just for overnight. That way, I can check things off as I pack. Four out of five times, I still forget to pack something.
  • Thank-you notes. I am pretty good about sending thank-you notes, cards, or emails. Okay, so there are still a few from last Christmas I haven't done, but somewhere there is a list!
  • Lists. When deciding to do "lists" as a theme for the month of March, I listed ideas. I've used some of them and not others. I've mostly been inspired to do things that aren't on it, but when I run out of ideas, I will be posting my favorite bass players.


Anonymous said...

Ah, my pet addiction too! All are ditto, except for the last one.
I cannot get by without my lists.

Sizzle said...

I make lists for my lists. How sick am I? ;) I love the satisfaction of crossing something off my list. Sometimes I actually write stuff down I did already just so I can have another thing crossed off. I'm a freak!

Darlene said...

I take certain joy crossing things off a list. Sometimes I put 'comb my hair' just to cross something off.

Anonymous said...

I find life so much easier with lists. Now if only I would take the time to write them...

Anonymous said...

I'm a compulsive list maker as well. I often make several incarnations of the same list too. It makes me feel good to put stuff on a list and then be able to get rid of it when everything is done. Inevitably, when it comes to groceries, I always miss something to put on the list and realize it the second I leave the store.

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