(Come Up And See Me) Make Me Smile

Online comics that make me giggle, chuckle, and occasionally snort:
  • Hamleto The Hamster (: This Italian strip is updated three times a week. I can relate to the current post about the sometimes confusing gender of your pet hamster.
  • Patches (Kelly Vivanco): This off-the-wall comic features various depressed, anxious, and self-depricating rodent-like creatures who appear to be hamsters and/or gophers and/or rabbits. Good times.
  • Kawaii Not (Meghan Murphy): "the comic for cute gone bad."


Anonymous said...

So funny, because our hamster is named Carmella because we wanted to name her after Carmello Anthony and then found out later we really could have named him Carmello but it's too late (in the kids minds) but she is definitely a he. ;-)

Jodi said...

@Amy: Yep, mine is Ami, short for Puffy AmiYumi. The store said he was a girl. About 2 months after I had him, she was CLEARLY a he! I couldn't bear to change the name though. Even though I don't have kids. : )

Sizzle said...

I love Natalie Dee (and Toothpaste for Dinner). I'll have to check these others out!

Caveman said...

I assumed my hamster was a she when the owner of the pet store told me "She bites...alot". Anything past that I'm not sure if I want to know.

The name I gave her is overly female, but fits none the less.
Ophelia is named after the somewhat mentally unstable character in the play "Hamlet".

Anonymous said...

those are some interesting sites!

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