Like A Tiger Defying The Laws Of Gravity

  • Ready for Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica? Even if you answered yes, you may want to review the series so far in this brilliant 8-minute recap, What The Frack Is Going On?
    *Um, yeah, there are spoilers if you aren't up to speed.*
  • There is a fantastic documentary that can be viewed on YouTube for those interested. The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off is the story of Jonny Kennedy and his acceptance of and preparation for his impending death. If you can handle someone who is somewhat disfigured, you might just learn something from Jonny. (The film is in 5 parts, each about 10 minutes long). I know this won't be every one's cup of tea and won't be offended if you don't watch.
  • For some lighter fare, you might want to check out these hilarious Lost recaps. The one for "Eggtown" particularly cracked me up.
  • I'm nicking this from a certain Ambitious Hamster, who previously posted this link to a video of a very persistent (and perhaps not too bright?) hamster. Hilarious and best use of the Queen song "Don't Stop Me Now"* since the pub scene in Shaun of the Dead.
  • Another video link idea I stole from another blogger is this one, that Beaucoup Kevin posted a while back, in which a 3-year old explains Star Wars. Fracking brilliant!
*The song also features prominently in the Jonny Kennedy film. I didn't know that when I was putting this somewhat random list together.


michelle said...

i saw the jonny kennedy documentary on tlc a year or so ago ... he certainly is inspiring. i am always amazed at how positive some people in terrible circumstances can be ... i hope to have that kind of strength just on a regular day.

Sizzle said...

I've seen that Johnny documentary. It was hard to watch but I imagine living that way is incredibly difficult. He had an amazing outlook on life. Definitely can learn from him.

Caveman said...

Go, go, Hamster!

Keely Van Brocklin Emery said...

We just purchased the 3rd season of BG. We're way behind, but I am SO excited!

Darlene said...

BSG was hilarious. When will the new season start? It's taking forever...!

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