Feelin' Groovy

Edit on 03/29/06 @ 8:30 am: So I had a window of grooviness that passed. I've been up, pretty sick, most of the night. I'm going to try to catch a little more sleep now. Blergh.

might be a bit of a stretch, but compared to how I felt yesterday, I'll go with it as a description of my current state. I was pretty scared and thought death might be imminent. I'd never felt that way before. Ever. I would sleep for a few hours, get up, and still be in really bad pain. Every inch of my body hurt and I could not find a comfortable position in which to sit, lie, or stand. Once sleeping, I had very vivid and bizarre dreams. Even though I didn't wake up until early afternoon today, I was exhausted. However, except for a little twinge in my back and a slight headache, the pain was gone! Besides that wondrous news, here are some other good things:
  • I sat and catnapped in my hanging chair in the back yard for a couple of hours late in the day. The dogs hung out with me and took turns snuggling. I even snapped a few photos.
  • I managed to get a much-needed hair appointment for tomorrow--not always possible last minute. When my bangs start looking like a baby possum, something must be done. I may be doing something color-wise too, but no final decision yet.
  • We're going with a friend to get the best Brooklyn style pizza in L.A. at the newly opened Robano's in Toluca Lake. I mentioned it before and this weekend is their official grand opening.
P.S. Thank you for the 'get well' comments and emails!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Jodi, I'm so glad you are feeling better. I was worried about you. Maybe you should get a medical chkup? I'm being "Motherly."

Nanette said...

Oh no! I'm sending you some virtual chicken soup. Get well!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. It is horrid when you just have to wait it out. Enjoy that pizza. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the grooviness didn't last too long.

Anonymous said...

Feeling better, I hope!

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