We Get Distracted By Dreams Of Our Own

My excuses reasons for this lame, boring, overdue but back-timed post:
  • Our internet connection has been wonky tonight. True story.
  • Lost night! We watched the recap show in fast speed and the new one. Some more answers, a lot more questions.
  • I went shopping, after already working late, to pick up some supplies for Rusty's birthday party (more on that at a later time).
  • While I have some ideas for potentially interesting posts, I am lazy and a lot of them take too much effort.


Anonymous said...

I love it when you say "wonky".

Makes you sound European or something.


Anonymous said...

Wonky is an excellent word ... very antipodean ... you'd fit right in down here.
I'm feeling lazy re blogging of late too. It's got to be when the mood strikes or it's no fun!
Wee, Rusty's birthday??? Cool.

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