Practically Running A Nursing Home Up In Here

As of today, with Rusty's birthday, these are the pets in my home who are considered old:
  • Cosette, 15. She's had her share of health problems lately, but is doing much better for the most part.
  • Little Guy, 11. He doesn't really have arthritis, like Cosette does, but he limps around like an old man. His hearing is still great.
  • Rusty, 8. He's a fairly small, healthy dog, so I don't think of him as a senior. He is graying on his snout and has lost some front teeth.
  • Ami, a little over 2. For a hamster, that's pretty good. He's still quite active and perky. Must be the fresh veggies.
In lieu of links, for photos of the pets, refer to the banner and left to right corresponds to the list.

Coming soon: Recipe for throwing a birthday party for a dog and 22 kids.


Anonymous said...

Hope the party went well. Miss hanging out with the dogs. Rusty makes a really good nap friend :)

Shayne said...

Furry babies!!! Good luck with the party :)

Anonymous said...

I just love your fur babies!

They are so cute and add a lot of excitement to life.

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