Gee Our Old LaSalle Ran Great

Besides this one, there are a few blogs in my little family:
  • E, being the 3D enthusiast and expert that he is recently started Retinal Rivalry. He probably won't update it more than once a week, but if you are interested in checking out some 3D photos, videos, and other projects from time to time, you might like it.
  • I have a photoblog, Jodi101 Snaps, where I'm posting daily photos for Project 365, which I'm doing for 2008. I used to participate in daily challenges, but now am not constrained by themes and just put up whatever I feel like shooting.
  • One of the canines in our household, Rusty, has had a blog longer than any of us. Rusty's online diary is where I started my foray into the blogosphere back in November 2002. It's not Rusty's fault, but when I started my other blogs, I started neglecting his. I have plans to rectify this situation very soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm doing a Project 365 too. I'll check yours out from home as I can't see flickr at work.

I started mine Jan. 1, 2007 but camera broke last Ash Wednesday. I had to restart on my birthday April 3rd so almost done :) I have learned a lot just using my camera daily. Its a great exercise. Keep it up and good luck. Some days its hard to find something to shoot. You can get to my flickr from my blog.

I barely touched my computer or iPhone yesterday on Easter but sure took many photos. Hope you had a great Easter weekend.

Thirty-Something Blogger -

Yvett said...

I like that your dog has a blog. I'm thinking about starting a Yelp review profile for my dog.

Caveman said...

Dog blog.


It rhymes.

Jodi said...

@imelda: I added you as a friend on flickr. Some days I resort to a crappy cell phone photo, but it still counts!

Anonymous said...

Cool ... we get a choice!

Anonymous said...

i think your hamster needs a blog, too.

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