It's December Already? When Did That Happen?

Tonight was the annual Toluca Lake Holiday Open House. This event has become a tradition that sort of kicks off the holiday season for us. For the past several years, Rusty has gone along with us, wearing his Santa Paws costume. He gets a lot of attention, and from time to time even meets a celebrity. We took the obligatory photo with the "real" Santa, who must have had an inicident with some other dog, because he insisted that I get in the picture. Thank goodness I washed my hair today.


The jury is still out on whether I'm putting up my little tree this year. We'll see. I guess I really will have to get rid of the pumpkins first.


SJ said...

You could hang the pumpkins on the tree :)

Anonymous said...

So cute. Rusty is just adorable. You are looking wonderful!!! Trying to talk Chad into getting the cats pictures with Santa, but don't think it will happen lol

Katie McKenna said...

I think this picture is really sweet! Love the holiday hat for your puppy!

Jodi said...

Thanks Dianna and Katie!

SJ: Ha! My one pumpkin is bigger and heavier than my tiny, fake tree. But I like the suggestion!

TiggerLarue said...

We took Gabby to see Santa, too. Unfortunately our Santa has been on a major diet :0/

madretz said...

Love the photo! I agree that it'd make a great card.
Maybe you can incorporate a Nightmare Before Christmas theme with the pumpkins and the tree. :)

Anonymous said...

Just put garland around the pumpkins. :) I vote for the putting up the tree, though.

I love that picture! Really, really cute!

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