For Mompé: A Photo And Haiku Memorial

Mompé, Golden Retriever

My creation

Golden girl Mompé
Such a sweet and loving dog
So glad I knew her

Mompé liked to clown
Thinking she was a lap dog
In spite of her size

A life way too short
Her furry face will be missed
She brought so much joy

Mompé was my sister-in-law's dog. She lives in the Northeast and I was lucky to stay with her a few years ago while attending a conference. Mompers and I really bonded during that time. I'm just sorry I wasn't able to spend more time with her. She really was a sweetheart.


SJ said...

Poor Mompe :(

Nanette said...

What a beautiful dog!

Anonymous said...

so sorry - i know this can be hard...but it's so nice that you got the chance to bond with such a beautiful animal...

madretz said...

A very nice tribute. It's evident that she was loved very much.

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