You Can Never Really Have Too Many Hamster T-shirts

Yesterday was quite eventful, for a Sunday. I got up early to bake cookies, two things I normally don't do. Not only did I win a prize for said cookies at a party, which you can read about here and here, but I finally got around to exchanging beleated birthday gifts with Ren. I love my gifts, which include:


We've been looking for these for quite sometime. I have a bottle of Anisette (also from Ren) that we've been waiting to drink from little chocolate cups.


An "Everybody Loves Hamster" t-shirt! This is the design Ren created for one of the buttons we sold at Comic Con. She sort of apologized, saying she'd made it before I got the Swazzle shirt. I then went on to exclaim that, "You can never really have too many hamster t-shirts!" (which is true). Ren and her husband both laughed. I think they knew I'd say that.

Okay, now the pièce de résistance:


An Ami racer tote bag!!! Ren is not happy with the color and is still working on this, but I love it! As you most likely know, my hamster Ami is a champion racer. I think it's the helmet that really does it for me. I love it!

Coming soon: Even more hamster gift goodness!


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