All I Ever Wanted, All I Ever Needed

There was only one thing I really wanted for the holidays. I even had plans of how to obtain it, had I not received it as a gift. I feel greedy and kind of silly wanting a thing so badly. But I have obsessed for months...and now it is mine. And no, it has not solved all of my life problems, but it has brought me some happiness and isn't that important?


The tokidoki LeSportsac bag I've been drooling over! Apparently, after pointing it out in a store some months ago, E tried to go back and get it for my birthday. It was no longer there and he didn't know what it was called. Once I started obsessing over "tokidoki bags" (and driving him crazy), he picked one up on eBay. When we went to Japan L.A. to meet Hello Kitty, we checked out some of the bags they had in stock and I proceeded to say how much I disliked one of them...the very one he'd gotten. So, he resold it on eBay and got the one I'd described. What a guy.

No, I didn't get this only to be like Jenn. I mean come on, she has two! I lusted over this purse before I even knew she wanted it too. It's not even that fashionable as it is from the Fall Collection and they are now putting out the Winter one. I just like it. That's all.


madretz said...

You should never have to apologize for covetting a handbag. It would be like having to apologize for breathing air.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is wicked cute :) So glad you got it. Eric is such a great guy :)

Anonymous said...

That is a great bag! I'd give it about oh, 5 years, before that shows up in Tulsa (if ever). Maybe I should start saving $ for a big LA shopping trip for 2007!

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