Audrey The Cat: Now With More Hissing Action

Audrey, the cat who hates me, has actually been very tolerant this holiday season. We've gotten along swimmingly. In fact, I've been able to pet her nearly every day and twice she's come out from under the Christmas tree when I called her. I thought we were making real progress in our relationship. Until yesterday, that is. Now, seems like old times.

Luckily, I've been honing my mad ninja skillz to defeat her attempts at tearing my flesh from the bone. My goal is to remain unbitten.


Anonymous said...

awwwww. she is so mad! i am sorry she got pissy with you, she can get bitey when she's cranky, but then again, can't we all?

SJ said...

What a nasty beast :(

I hate cats too

Jodi said...

s.j.: I don't hate cats...they just hate me!

K. Marie said...

Oh! Poor sad kitty! Yes, she very clearly misses her parents. It's not that she hates you, she just loves her people. Oh, and cats don't wag their tails. Sometimes they'll swish them if they're happy and walking around, but then the tail is in an upright position. If the tail's touching the ground and swishing the cat is either going to pounce or attack or launch into a verbal tyrade. When the camera panned from the "wagging tale" to the close-up on her face, I was anticipating a mauling, too.

Don't think you're a failure at cat-sitting just because Audrey's unimpressed. Some cats are total whores and will be happy with anyone who feeds them and talks to them.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, that is one grumpy cat! i agree - it's not you! wow, that is such a great look on her face. she sure does miss her parents...

madretz said...

Ohmy. She's an unhappy kitcat. I think the poor thing would be like that no matter who was visiting besides her people.
My kitty would like you. Even more if her people were gone for a week.

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