It's been a long two weeks. Since I don't have family in the area and no kids, I've worked around the holidays every year, except for one, for the past twelve. I do like being in town, as L.A. empties out a bit and traffic improves. Plus, our weather is pretty good this time of year, even though I complain about how cold it is at night! (Come on...the 40's is cold!)

I am really happy for all of my friends travelling around to New Jersey, Hawaii, Germany, New Zealand, Boston, Chicago, Costa Rica, Canada, Florida, etc. I guess I'm just ready for everyone to get back. That way I can leave all of them in a few weeks to go to Utah, where I suspect it will be even colder. I'd better start looking for my hat and mittens!


SJ said...

You becoming a Morman? :)

Brenda Griffith said...

Whatcha gonna do in Utah? Ya goin' skiin'?

Jodi said...

Ha! Becoming a Mormon and going skiing are probably two of the last things I'd ever do! We're making my 3rd and E's 4th annual trip to the Sundance Film Fest...well, the 2nd week of it, after all the celebrities have left town and you can actually get in to see movies.

SJ said...

HNY Jodi :)

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