Things You May Or May Not Know

Nanette tagged me with this meme, so here goes!

5 Things You Don't Know About Me*

1. I have lived in L.A. longer than anywhere else in my life.**
  • I think that's why I'm often stumped by "where are you from?" It should be an easy one, but my mouth drops open and I freeze, not knowing what to say. I don't really have roots anywhere, but here. I never even lived in the state where I was born (Maryland) and no, I don't consider the state where my parents are to be home. No way, no how, no thank you. I have lived in Florida, but it never felt like home. So from now on, when asked, I'll just say, "My Mama."
2. I was a student cook in one of my college's dining halls.
  • I know this is a tough one to believe, considering all of my belly-aching about cooking. It's true though. I needed an on-campus job and my roommate was already a student cook, the most prestigious dining hall position you could have. I had an in. This may be what actually turned me off from cooking much at home. I could make pasta for 400 people, but how in the world do you do it for just two? It was actually fun a lot of the times and we got to use big knives. The worst things were chopping onions, steaming mushrooms (oh, the smell...gag!), and working the fryer. I ended up getting banned from the fryer because I'm so short I would end up burning my arms all the time.
3. Eyeballs freak me out.
  • It's a weird thing. I love studying and learning about the human body. One of the best experiences I've had was my Gross Anatomy class. Blood and guts don't necessarily disgust me (unless they really smell) and I'm fascinated by medical oddities, but eyeballs...yikes! I can't use eye drops and will only wear glasses once the time comes. I can not imagine putting in a contact and have gagged watching others do it. I avoid getting my vision checked because they just get too close. And there's that puff of air.
4. I had the lead role in my kindergarden play.
  • I was "Spring" and had to go around and talk to various animals and flowers. I wore a friend's flower girl dress and had quite a bit of dialogue to memorize. I wore black patent leather shoes, but I love the photo my Mom has in one of her albums from dress rehearsal. I'm wearing the fancy dress and Flintstone tennis shoes. It was, by the way, the beginning and end of my acting career!
5. I am incredibly clumsy.
  • Okay, Ren, Dianna, Mom, E-- you all definitely already know this about me. I have fallen up stairs. I have smashed my face on a door jamb. I have tripped over one of my dogs and fallen really, really hard. I could go on and on, but I won't. The funny thing is that I actually make a living teaching kids how to walk again. Most of them do pass and I haven't let many of them fall.
*I've done a lot of lists and question answering on this blog. This may be repetitive, but I'll assume that some of you reading have not read and/or retained all of what you may have read here before.

**A little over 12 years.


Nanette said...

Good job! :) Very interesting stuff!

SJ said...

I was a chef's assistant in an old people's home once. That wasn't fun at all :(

Anonymous said...

i, too, hate the puff of air during the eye exam - so much so, that i refuse to do it. but they have an alternative test they can do that doesn't involve anything like that. but you're right. the whole thing is kind of creepy.

Joanne said...

I can't do the eye thing either. I can't put drops in them. I hate the puff of air and it is a huge struggle for me. I am also very clumsy. I tend to think it is because in my head I am one size but in reality I am a different size. I walk into walls all the time.

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