It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

...Autumn! Yeah, yeah, there are Christmas lights galore and all of those inflatable snow globes in people's yards, but during the day, it all of a sudden looks like Fall. Maybe I have a bad memory, but I don't recall the trees being so glorious in December last year or even prior to that. It really struck me yesterday, as I was driving. I went around the block to snap the following photo, somewhere in Van Nuys, I believe.


Gorgeous, no? Of course there are still a lot of green trees. I think maybe sometimes the leaves actually fall off before they have a chance to change color. Then again, I may just be delusional. The next photo is of a tree in Burbank, very near to where I live, that I took this afternoon.


My blossoming pear tree, in front of my house, is even turning.


Peeved Michelle said...

It seemed like last year they just kind of turned yellow and fell off.

Unknown said...


madretz said...

Yay for fall in December!

I love California. Especially after seeing so much of the country this past week. So good to be home.

Lisa said...

so pretty. that is how it is in Texas - we don't really get a whole lot of fall foliage, but there are a few trees every so often that are so beautiful.

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