The Night Before Christmas

We practiced some of our Christmas Eve traditions yesterday. No trip to Solvang, but that was a choice. I had to work on Saturday, which made the weekend a bit shorter. I spent the afternoon making cookies and then we had dinner at an Asian buffet. We took the cookies, as well as some cocktail weenies, over to our neighbors' annual gathering. There was lots of food, lots of alchohol, and much laughter. Their Christmas Eve party centers around one of the strangest, yet most fun, holiday traditions we have...The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck.

Imagine a semi truck, completely decked out with Christmas lights, booming holiday songs. There are people on the truck singing and others walking with the caravan. There's a group of girls who dance behind and Santa Claus himself follows in a train. It just wouldn't feel like Christmas without it. My neighbor, Erik, took some video this year, so check it out. It really is pretty cool to have this come around every December 24th.

I hope Santa was good to you this year!


madretz said...

That's so cool! A lot more organized than my neighborhood's Halloween parade. You guys have a lot more participants.

Santa was very generous. I got some more camera stuff, yipee! Hope he was generous to you, too.

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