Maybe I Should Call You Back Next Week

I think I'm too tired to put together any coherent thoughts about the Barenaked Ladies concert last night. I'll try to do so later, as well as go through the hundreds of photos I took. Some highlights included:
  • Excellent seats!
  • A great set, which included a wide range of old and new songs.
  • Goofy on-stage antics.
  • Meeting Nanette in person!

Since Ed Robertson talked about being dorky, maybe he'll come live with me here. (Thanks, Stan!)


Anonymous said...

It would be awesome to have that street name in your address, wouldn't it.
Hi, I live on Dork Street. (People have probably been saying that about me for years anyway)

Nanette said...

That IS a great sign!

And again, it was a pleasure meeting you, Jodi!

Anonymous said...

Sounds terrific! How did you get great seats?

Jodi said...


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