Hit Me With Your Best Shot

My roommate and I had gotten tickets to see Pat Benatar at an on-campus concert in October of 1988. Well, her boyfriend, from Canada, was staying another night, so I invited this guy I was sort of seeing. If you said his name kind of fast, it sounded like you were saying the name of three different people and perhaps gave the impression of being a bit slutty.

I only vaguely remember the show itself. I don't think it was bad, but nothing stands out in my memory. What I do recall quite well though is watching this dude repeatedly hang an airbrushed sign, only to have security make him take it down. That, of all things, stuck with me.

Fast forward to a little over a year later, when E and I started going out. He transferred to Ithaca College our sophomore year. I think I was telling him about going to the Pat Benatar show and he told me he was there too. He told me about his longtime friend from home who was a huge Benetar fan. G was an artist and always made things for her when he went to her concerts. Turns out that was G with the banner and E was with him!

It's a small, strange little world, eh?


SJ said...

Sure is...

madretz said...

That's pretty cool!

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