November Has Arrived

Birthday flowers ordered for Mom...check

Birthday card signed and put out to mail (it will be late)...check

Front lawn Halloween decorations put away until next year...check

Now on to planning last minute details for tonight's costume. I realized I need to get some black nail polish and some control-top stockings.

Since I didn't manage to take any photos of our awesome decor on Halloween night, I snapped a few before cleaning up today. Of course it's not the same in daylight without the fog and flashing lights.

I still have my pumpkin, which I just adore, on my front porch. Pumpkins are not just for Halloween, but represent autumn in general to me. While I don't really participate in a traditional Thanksgiving anymore, one of my favorite things about the holiday is pumpkin pie. I guess that's why I was so confounded to go into a Coffee Bean last night (I got a gift card!) to finally try out one of those pumpkin spiced drinks only to find they are no longer on the menu. Their attitude seems to be: Halloween is over, it's now Christmas and we have peppermint. Now, I love me some peppermint, but I don't need it on November 2nd, when I'm in the mood for some pumpkin spice and nutmeg. I was very annoyed.


I certainly is starting to look a bit more like Fall outside, but is quite warm today and is going to be up in the 80's all weekend, I hear. As long as it doesn't rain, I'll be perfectly content.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I love Halloween too. So bad it comes and goes so quickly. But we can look forward to Christmas being less than a month away!


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