Halloween Wrap Up

I survived one of my favorite, albeit longest, days of the year for me...Halloween! I love Halloween and was up at 6am and didn't return to my bed until 3am this morning. Twenty-one hours of good times.

As I noted before, Halloween is a very big deal at my workplace. I work with children, so we do up things in a fun, festive way and avoid scary. Fine by me. My department's theme was "A Day At The Zoo." Everyone (except for that one person, yeah, that one) went all out. We had zebras, a giraffe, monkeys, tigers, zoo keepers, a bear, butterflies, a peacock, a penquin, a cougar, a kangaroo, and a couple of gorillas. I found a sweet gorilla costume that was cheap and fit me quite well, in spite of being a child size. In case you didn't know, I'm short, very short. I'm only 5 feet tall. That's it. No inches. The gorilla suit was nicely lined and pretty loose fitting. I'd say it was quite comfortable, just damn hot! Well, one of my few male co-workers, who is at least six-foot-five wore the exact same costume in the exact same size! This is one of the photos I wish I had uploaded already! The ankles of the suit were up around his knees and I know he had another person check to make sure it didn't look obsene, if you get what I mean. What a jackass. Hilarious though. As usual, we won the "Kids' Choice" award for the best trick-or-treating booth. We go all out...for the kids...and they show their appreciation.


I raced home, a little early, just before 6pm. I was already exhausted and a bit exasperated to see so many kids out already. Ack! E was scrambling to get the last minute sound and light touches to our decor up and running. Our grave yard turned out really good this year, complete with fog and lights that flashed along with scary sounds. We got one "Oh snap!" and one "This is the best yard we've seen!" The trick-or-treaters arrived at such a steady rate that I panicked and ran out to get more candy. Of course we now have tons of leftovers, which is exactly what I did not want to happen. We had some nicely costumed, very polite youngsters who came by, but I am considering posting some "rules" for the-rest-of-them next year:
  1. Wear a costume. Come're going to knock on my door, expecting free candy and not make any effort? It doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. Just show that you tried. (This would be an acceptable exception!)
  2. Say 'Trick or Treat.' It's customary and fun. Don't just hold your bag up and stare at me.
  3. Say 'Thank You' instead of looking at me like "Is that it?" with your bag still open. Yes, that's scram!
  4. I don't condone giving candy to infants. (Besides, I know it's really for you, fat ass!)
  5. One Stop Shopping. There are lots of houses in the neighborhood. Do you think I don't recognize you from an hour ago?
  6. Give A Hoot...Don't Pollute. Please don't eat the candy I give you in my driveway and then leave the wrapper there. Disgusting. (Thanks to co-worker S for reminding me of this one!)

Once the trick-or-treating died down, pun intended, we went over the hill to West Hollywood for the huge, annual carnaval. E went all out this year and put together a Ro-Man costume from the film Robot Monster. He purchased a gorilla suit for the body and constructed a papier mache helmet, that was pretty darn close to the original one. We saw the actual original helmet this past Sunday and he took photos for reference. I ended up feeling a bit like one of those handlers for the Disneyland costumed characters as E's helmet was fogging up and he had a bit of trouble seeing. It was fun to have some people recognize the costume and take pictures of him. I was originally going to wear a 50's-style outfit and 3D glasses, but it was kind of cold and I was kind of lazy, so I just wore my gorilla suit again. We followed up the carnaval with a late dinner at the Nova Express Cafe, where E's Ro-Man was a big hit.


Halloween will continue for me later this week with a party on Friday. I'm going to break out one of my three costumes from last year.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great, albeit totally busy, day! I can't wait to see the pictures. I admit I don't know what Ro-Man is, but it sounds super-cool!

Jodi said...

...hey, as long as your costume is cool...and you don't say the candy is "for the baby."

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