A Year Of Sundays Seems To Have Drifted Right By

I'm sad that the weekend is advancing so quickly to an end. We spent most of today shopping, of which I'm not a big fan, for bookshelves. In a desperate attempt to organize our house, we've concluded that we just need more storage, even with the purging plans we have. We came up pretty empty-handed, as our taste and space limitations are pretty specific.

The weekend has probably not felt like the long one it was since we slept most of Friday away. We did manage to make it to a midnight screening of Serenity at the Nuart Theatre. I hadn't been to that theater since it was renovated and it's really nice now. Even though the movie didn't start until 12:40am, it was a lot of fun. There was a really good turnout...even two guys dressed like Browncoats. I was tickled when much of the audience sang along to the instrumental bit of the Firefly theme song toward the beginning of the film. Yes, I have the dvd at home, but I'd never seen this movie on the big screen, which was a treat.

We also caught a flick on Saturday night--Singin' In The Rain. E is a member of the American Cinematheque and gets two free tickets to use during his birthday month. I really enjoyed the movie, which I had never seen. It's dated, but still very funny with entertaining dance numbers.

It was nice to end the holiday weekend with a nice dinner with a couple of good friends at one of our favorite restaurants. The four of us had eaten there together last May or June and we were seated at the same table. It sort of felt like we were continuing that dinner, months later.

Now I'm settling in with some hot tea, watching the hamster run around on his track, and getting ready to catch up on some things Tivo has been saving for us. Basically, I'm doing everything I can to hold on to Sunday, and postpone Monday, for as long as I can.


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