It's A Stretch

Being a little short on time, I'm really reaching for my daily post.

I was finally able to transfer my personalized plates from my old Jetta to my new car, Serenity, today! I removed the paper with the temporary information from my front window. I feel like she's now complete!


Why do so many people leave that temporary license on their front window once they've already gotten their plates? And why does it bother me?


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the personalized plate. I had one that I got back in 1984 and I kept it when we moved away in '91. When we moved back in '95 I got it back on my car and I felt like the process was complete then. I could be "IMA NERD" once more.

Sadly, it doesn't see the light of day much any more. I barely use my car. But I still have it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Very nice :) I need to get personalized plates when I get my car...crazycatlady..ok that might be too long for a plate lol

SJ said...

I'm stupid - I don't get the licence plate :(

Jodi said...

Not's '*heart* my canines'(love my dogs). Everything with K9 was taken already.

TiggerLarue said...

Love the plates, very creative. A friend insisted I get personalized plates when I got the Mini. I went with BLUVRRM. Blue for the car, VRRM for the engine rev :0)

Nanette said...

Cute! I have personalized plates, too!

madretz said...

Do you ever look in your rearview mirror and see people looking at your plates with a blank look on their face, head tilted slightly, trying to figure out what your plate says? :)

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