I'll Sleep On It's A Small World

Here I am...wide awake. This generally happens the night before our Thanksgiving adventure at Disneyland. I left work a tiny bit early, but the traffic was pretty bad, so I still didn't get home until about 6:30. I did some laundry, messed around on the computer, ate dinner while watching a drunk Kiefer Sutherland attack a Christmas tree (not very Jack Bauer like), walked and feed Daizy, got cash, filled the car up with gas, and then poked around online some more while watching this week's Taye Break. I sent E to bed so I have a chance of waking him up in a few hours and then proceeded to pick up any clutter that might be enticing to the dogs to eat (Cosette) or pee on (Little Guy). I even let Ami run around in his ball.

My camera and cell phone batteries are charged, my bag is cleaned out and packed with only essentials, and my clothing is laid out. All I have left to do is set 4 or 5 alarms and get a little shut eye. Full report, hopefully with photos, on Friday. Eat some turkey and pumpkin pie for me!


Nanette said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

pumpkin pie is love.
with whipped cream!!!

save me someeeee, k? haha

madretz said...

I was wondering if it was this holiday that you went to Disneyland!

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