Feeling Like A Zombie

How can I be so tired today? I barely made it through my workday yesterday on 3 hours of sleep. I went home and instead of going to a free screening of Cars and Q&A with John Lassiter, I opted to get some much needed shut-eye. I went to sleep around 7:00 pm and planned to get up around 10:30 to eat and watch Lost. The latter didn't happen and I slept and slept, barely able to get up this morning. In fact, I didn't get up until about 7:40 am, ten minutes after I'm supposed to arrive at work.

I'm leaving early today to go to the dentist. It's looking like I might even be able to squeeze in a little nap. Pathetic! I actually feel really hot and weird too, so am possibly fighting off some germies. I was sick on Monday, but it seemed more allergy related. I've had my flu shot, so hopefully that's warding off anything that serious.

At this rate, I won't even have to use make up for my zombie Raggedy Ann costume.


Anonymous said...

No wonder you are still tired - looking at your Halloween pics on flickr, you had a really eventful day! Hope you get lots of rest over the weekend.

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