The First Rule Of Book Club Is... do not talk about Book Club. Well, that's just according to a silly t-shirt I have, so I'm going to talk, at least a little bit, about my book club. I really enjoy the group of people that get together on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Something that may be somewhat unique is that we are a mixed gender group, often 50/50. Tonight we had 7 men and 5 women.

Our reading selections vary and often involve topics such as religion, science, or philosophy. As I mentioned before, not everyone in the group finishes the book before we meet. Sometimes what we pick is not as good as we thought or had heard. Other times, people are just too busy in their lives to complete it. My problem is that I'm often reading more than one thing at a time. And I'm a slow reader.

As I've heard is true with other book clubs, we start our discussion based around the current read. The conversation then drifts from there onto various other topics of interest. This evening we talked about all kinds of things from the recent elections to population growth in America to the past and current social and economic climate in Cuba.

Our meeting wraps up with future selections. Various members make suggestions and we vote. I've dubbed our club "The Laziest Book Club Ever," as someone will ask,"Well, how thick is that book?", "Is there a movie we can watch?" (yes, we've done that!), or the snarky question I asked tonight, "Yeah, well how big is the font?"

One member summed it up best though when he said, "It's like picking what we're not going to read next." I am making a solemn effort to read ALL of the next one though, as the author is coming to our December gathering and I'll be really embarrassed if I haven't finished!


SJ said...

At least if you don't finish you can get the author to fill you in on the bits you missed!

Anonymous said...

Can I come? I read _Astro Turf_. It was very good. And it was also tremendously entertaining.

I even gave it to my friend and tattoo artist to read. Her father was a rocket scientist at JPL in the '60s, too. She liked it and said it was very true-to-life.

Jodi said...

Stan: Absolutely! Anyone is welcome. The info is in the link...we always enjoy new people.

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