Valentine Babies

There are a lot of birthdays in November that are important to me:
  • My Mom-11/5
  • Good friend Ren-11/9
  • Best husband Eric-11/11
  • Our American Eskimo dog Cosette-11/13
  • My parents' German Shepard dog Rex-11/16
I forgot to send flowers to my Mom. She was so busy celebrating that it took me a couple of days to even reach her on the phone. Being in a different time zone doesn't help either. I'm plan to send her some flowers for Thanksgiving.

I got Ren's present tonight. Well, part of it. The part I didn't have yet. I can't say much as she occasionally checks in here!

On Eric's birthday, we'll may be heading up to the Bay Area for a wedding. Our friends are getting married in Oakland Saturday evening, so we plan to spend Friday and part of Saturday in San Francisco and/or Berkeley but some things are up in the air so we may not be able to make the drive. I hope the dogs get him something nice this year.

I can't believe Cosette will be 13 years old on Sunday. She's been with us since she was an 8 week old pup! I'd like to say she's not showing her age, but she is. Besides having cancer earlier this year (which she recovered from nicely), she seems to be losing her hearing a bit and she definitely naps a lot more. There's also a hideous wart growing on her snout. Luckily, I don't really see any physical problems with her in terms of mobility.

I haven't seen Rex for about a year and a half. I think he's turning 7. Being a bigger dog, he is having some hip problems. He is a dark, menacing-looking dog who is a big softy and sweetheart. I grew up with German Shepards as a young child and have fond memories of one named Heidi. I hope to see Rex (and his "sister" Jetta) again soon.

Even though her birthday was a few months ago, I still "owe" my buddy Cheryl who deserves to be celebrated as much as anyone else on my list. I have not forgotten and am going to surprise her one of these days with something very belated!


K. Marie said...

This cracks me up, Jodi! My daughter 11/06, myself 11/20 and my husband 11/28.

:-) What is it about pink shiny things?

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