Don't You Forget About Me

We went to Eric's 20th high school reunion last night. It was a lot more fun than I think either of us anticipated. It did require a few snarky text messages to Ren, but overall I did have a good time. Eric was happy to reconnect with some old friends, including one who lives about 10 minutes from us in L.A. The fact that we stayed out with some old friends until about 3 this morning is a pretty good indicator of how the evening progressed.

Eric was definitely one of the youngest looking guys at his reunion. The fact that he has a full head of hair probably helps in that department. Not to mention the dye job. Oops, did I just mention that? I was amazed by the range of women. Some looked just fine. Others, primarily because of hairstyles and style of dress, seemed far older than 37-38. And then there were the ones who were just trying too damn hard to look much, much younger than we all knew they were. Some of them were downright scary.

I still have a few years before a 20th reunion, but it got me thinking about it and whether or not I would even go. I moved around so much and went to so many different schools that I certainly won't have the experience of knowing anyone since kindergarden or even 10th grade! I went to two high schools in two different states, so was only with my graduating class for 11th and 12th grade. Not only do I have the expectation that I won't really be remembered, I fear I won't remember people. I've been contacted by a classmate through Classmates recently and I honestly can't remember him or how we knew each other. I sent a nice (I hope) email to ask him how we knew each other.

Will you recognize me? Call my name or walk on by?


mipmup. said...

i am not the reunion-ing type. at all. i've often wondered why and i can't quite put my finger on it. eh. glad it went well for your hubby! and you're such a trooper. i would have pooped out (those people not being my friends and all).

ren said...

eric dyes his hair! eric dyes his hair! do i. crap. now i can't make fun of him.

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