Looks Like We Made It

We arrived safely in Philadelphia. It is very, very cold. 34 degrees (F) was the last I heard. Apparently it will feel like 20 degrees with the wind chill on Wednesday. I am curious to get a look around in daylight and see if there is any foliage left. I have a feeling most of it has fallen as I saw huge leaf piles on curbs as we drove into my mother-in-law's neighborhood.

No good celebrity sightings at LAX while waiting to board our plane. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I did however notice Mike, the Southwest Customer Service Supervisor who is often featured on Airline, at a desk in our terminal. I hesitated quite a bit, but then went up and told him I really enjoyed the show. He seemed really happy about that and was quite friendly. He said they just wrapped their third season and are trying to get picked up for a fourth.

On another subject, we got to truly test our new Slingbox, a device that allows us to watch anything on our Tivo through a high-speed internet connection. So, we just watched tonight's My Name is Earl, which was hilarious as usual. It seems that almost every episode has a supporting actor who I know. Tonight it was "the guy with the robot legs," as Randy called him. I knew Cameron Clapp shortly after his accident. I don't even know if he remembers me and that really isn't important. I remember him and am inspired by what he has accomplished.

This post is made up of such unrelated thoughts. My brain feels jumbled. I only had an hour so sleep very early Tuesday morning and then raced around to get to the airport. I did sleep some on the plane, but feel like I'd better get some more.


Anonymous said...

Hope you two enjoy the trip. You and Chad have something in common, enjoying My Name is Earl. Try to stay warm.

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