Holy Crap, I Went to Church!

For those who really know me, that's a big deal. It isn't what you are thinking though. I went to church for one of the only two or three reasons I can think of going and that was for a wedding. Some very good friends got married on Saturday in Oakland at a beautiful church overlooking a lake. The reception, which consisted of dancing and desserts catered by friends of the couple, was held at the same location.

As is typical for us, we got on the road much later than planned. We left L.A. at 2 p.m. in an attempt to make it Oakland for the 7 p.m. ceremony. Luckily, we hit very little traffic and were able to drive very fast most of the way. We parked, changed shoes, and made it to our seats by 6:55. The event didn't even get started until nearly 7:30, so we were more than fine. We knew quite a few the other guests, which made it even more fun.

The party was winding down around 11:30, so we got back in the car. Initially I thought we'd just drive through the night and arrive home around 5 or 6 a.m. The reality of the situation was that we were pretty beat, probably bottoming out from all of the sugar we had consumed. We stopped for some protein and regrouped. The best choice seemed to be getting some sleep and driving home in the morning.

There was a Motel 6 at the exit where we ate, so we got a few hours of sleep there. We made it back by 1 in the afternoon on Sunday, just in time to get some stuff done around the house. Eric had an obligation later in the day and I met up with some friends for coffee. I even managed to get some laundry done so I have clothes for work this week.

So, another whirlwind weekend. I'm sure I'll be struggling this week as I recover. There are a few photos on my flickr site, as usual.


mipmup. said...

woah! you are die-hards!

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