Happy New Month

An extra hour this weekend was really nice, but just not enough. It's a good thing I can't go to my book club meeting tonight, because I have been unable to finish my assigned reading. Ack!

Two themes had overwhelming prominence in my life for the last few days...Halloween and dogs. Yes, shocking I know. Usually it's just dogs. I will eventually have photos posted on my flickr site, but I've had little time to download, choose, crop, upload and label. I'm in the process. I hope to be done by the end of the week.

I've been having a lot of fun since last Friday, but it is taking its toll. Fatigue is soaking my brain, squeezing my eyeballs (ew!), and finding a resting place in my bones. I'm doing battle with caffeine and chocolate until I make it to this Friday when I will sleep and sleep some more.

I'll leave you with a few tidbits from the past few days:
  • I had 3 Halloween costumes this year--zombie Raggedy Ann, Michael Darling from Peter Pan and a ketchup bottle.
  • Richard Blade is a really, really nice guy and a dog lover. His wife is very cool too.
  • Don't wait until October 30th to go to the pumpkin farm. No more pumpkins.
  • Our department kicked ass at work, once again, winning an award for our trick-or-treating booth (like we did last year!). We go all out and it pays off.
  • I like wearing slippers to work.
  • If you are not wearing a costume or are smoking a cigarette, don't bother coming up to my house on Halloween for candy.
  • We learned that Rusty was a babe magnet at the West Hollywood Carnaval. Lots of half-naked women came up to pet him. Most were women anyway, near as we could tell.
  • We are definitely going to see U2 tomorrow night, the night we can go. I was able to trade my tickets for pricier, better-in-many-ways seats. And I didn't have to pay the difference. I'm so excited as I've only seen them live once, back in Philadelphia in 1987 with my gay boyfriend.

So, look for those photos and hopefully an update to Rusty's blog soon too!


steph said...

i have to say....i got no smoking trick or treaters, which is a surprise, since it is a law here that every smokes, but i WAS surprised at the amount of people who had their halloween bags and NO COSTUME! what is up with that, yo?! i mean, sereesly. i asked one little girl what she was dressed as as she was like "um, i just want some candy for halloween". and the lack of saying "trick or treat" or worse "thank you" surprises me every year. ok. well. no need to turn a comment into my own personal blog, eh?

donovan;s mom who can't sign in as non donovan

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