On this day of giving thanks, I can think about so many things in my life to be thankful for. I complain a lot and wish for certain things to be better or different, but overall, I'm doing okay. I'm relatively healthy, I have a good husband, a stable job/profession, some wonderful friends, and three of the cutest, most lovable dogs you could ever imagine meeting.

Today I am especially grateful for Peppermint Tastykake Kandy Kakes. Not only do I love Kandy Kakes and peppermint, but these are covered in dark chocolate which is also a favorite of mine. Yum! We can get a few types of Tastykakes occasionally in the L.A. area, but we can never find quite the selection you can here in Philadelphia.

If anyone is reading this, Happy Whatever This Day Means To You!


ren said...

you are bringing some of those back to l.a....right? and your three sweet dogs are doing fine.

Jodi said...

Um, yeah.

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