I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

I do know when I'll be back though. On the 29th. Anyway, I'm almost ready. Just a few things to tidy up. I may even try to take a quick nap, then shower, and head out for the airport. I am a little nervous if I sleep now, I might not wake up in time. I can always sleep on the plane.

Next entry will most likely be posted from the Philly area.


ren said...

yay! have a cold soft pretzel from an off ramp for me. those are the best kind (yeah, yeah, they don't wash their hands, i know, that's what makes it so good). safe trip darling!

Jodi said...

Thanks! Yes, the those off ramp, dirty hand, brown paper bag, cold pretzels are the best. I'm sure we'll be partaking.

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