The Sky is Falling!

We went to the midnight show of Chicken Little in Disney Digital 3D. It was cool. We decided to spend the bucks and go "VIP" at the El Capitan and I'm glad we did. I went in with fairly low expectations for the film itself, but it was entertaining. I laughed out loud several times. Besides that, the 3D was amazing and hopefully this new technology will take off.

Since 3D is having a bit of a popularity resurgence, it's not surprising that there is a 3D part on the new Duran Duran Live From London DVD that I picked up last night. Even cooler though, is the easter egg of the full anime video that played during their shows. (Enter '16' while on the main menu).

I finally got all of my photos from the past week's adventures uploaded to my flickr site. Go there to see my various Halloween costumes, lots of dog photos, farm photos, West Hollywood Carnaval photos, and of course U2. So much went on last week, it may just be easier to let the photos do the talking. I guess the only "events" I didn't get photos of were the two haunted yards we visited before going to West Hollywood on Halloween and the Paul Reubans Q&A at Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

I think I need a nap.


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