I'm Wide Awake

I'm not sleeping...that's for sure. I did manage to get caught up a bit on my sleep today though. It has been an incredibly fun, yet incredibly exhausting week. If only I didn't have that pesky full-time job/career thing in the mix, I'd have much more time for naps and catching up on my blog!

I have 143 unread emails in my Inbox (no, that does not include spam, I get rid of that before downloading my mail). I have 183 photos from Halloween and 300 from the U2 show to sort through. I'm hoping to get caught up on all of this by the end of the weekend.

In many ways, I'm hoping it's a low-key weekend. I don't have too many definite plans, just something really cool for Sunday night (thanks Ren!) Between now and then, I'm going to vote for not doing too much. We'll see though because Eric may have other things in mind.

I'm not sleeping...oh no, no, no...


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