It Really Is The Little Things Sometimes

I have a tiny cell phone. It's an older phone, but still one of the smallest you can get. My original one died, so instead of upgrading to a phone with a camera and more bells and whistles, I replaced it via eBay.

There was still one thing that I really wished this phone would do which was have the ability to have distinct ringtones for various callers. Well, tonight I discovered there is a way to do that!

Oh Ren, I do have Duran Duran as your ring tone. But only because it's "Late Bar," a song about "an all-night party." I'll come up with something better for you, I swear (since I can make ringtones out of any mp3).


ren said...

did you say "drinks"?, you didn't. rats. i just figured out how to make my own voice my ringtone. so far it only says "hey, it's beth calling" but i think i am going to have to replace them all. heh.

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