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We went to a free screening of the film The Comedians of Comedy at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. It was hilarious! Funny nerds. You can't lose. There was a Q&A after the film with Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Zach Galifianikis, Michael Blieden (director), and DJ Paul (producer). Michael Penn did the music and was brought up for the panel, but did not field any questions.

I did have one celebrity sighting at the screening (of someone not involved in the project). Alan Cumming was sitting in the same row where we sat. I really ought to start bringing Ren along to the Egyptian. First, Ron Perlman and now, Alan Cumming. Next thing you know, I'll see Alan Rickman there and if she is not with me, well...let's not go there.


Susan said...

Hey Jodi. You remind me so much of myself. The movie favorites are pretty close as well. I'm 35 and wanted to be a Pediatric Physical Therapist a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, there's only one university that offers the PT Program and the waiting list is a mile long, plus the course requirements kept changing. I thought it'd take me forever to complete my degree since the university is known for its ever-changing curriculum. Oh well... I still plan to be in the medical profession as I'm working on my BS in Healthcare Administration.

You are so lucky in that you got to see Matthew McConaughey. I would have attacked him. Can't imagine him in leather pants. I almost ran into Tom Cruise a year or so ago when he visited the company I work for. Didn't even recognize him at first. He looked like a much shorter version of Forrest Gump (when he was running in the movie) with long hair, shabby clothes, and a ball cap on. Guess he was preparing for a movie.

ren said...

yes. let's not go there. i'll just get upset.

Jodi said...

Tee hee...of course not Ren!

Susan...I'm not even much a a Matthew M. fan, but it was a cool sighting.

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah...Michael Penn!

Jodi said...

Jenn, wish I'd gotten a photo of Michael Penn. He was sitting in our row too, right next to Alan Cumming. (actually, I guess we were in their row since we arrived late and just snagged the two open seats in the VIP row.)

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