Election in Wonderland

Today was Election Day here in California. It's a non-traditional year for elections, but several states had special votes. The Govenator spent upwards of $250 million to try and pass a bunch of propositions crap that will hopefully fail. I really wish that money had gone into something like our pathetic schools.

Anyway, I always try to be a good citizen and vote. My polling place varies, but is usually in the auditorium of the elementary school up the street. It has also been in a nursing home lobby, a couple of churches (doesn't seem right somehow), and even a neighbor's garage. Today, however, it was in a hookah bar. The locale was recently a coffee shop, but has a new name--Amsterdam Cafe--and a giant hookah on its sign. It doesn't look like they were quite set up for smoking yet, but maybe that was to make room for the voting stations.

Only in California. And maybe Turkey or India.


ren said...

i don't get the private residences things. i HATE that i have to vote in some dude's garage! in new jersey i always voted in schools and public buildings, perhaps a hookah bar would make it more entertaining though.

Jodi said...

Yeah, the garage we used to vote in had an NRA poster hanging up. I think people complained and that's why we no longer go there.

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