Do You Sudoku?

I do! I remember seeing this question posed on newspaper boxes and not knowing (or bothering to find out) what it meant. I then saw it in a newspaper and just glanced at it, but did not give it much thought. For some reason, about a month ago, I was compelled to pull out a newspaper and give the number puzzle a go.

Now I'm addicted!

Okay, maybe not addicted, but I would be if I had more time wasn't so busy doing social stuff and wasting time. I figure it is a good way to exercise my brain.

I've also now discovered Web Sudoku, so I can feed my obsession even when I don't get the paper!


ren said...

did you see that pocket mod added a sudoku page so you can make a little booklet of them? i think it regnerates itself when you place it so you don't get the same one over and over (but i also think it has a limited number of regenerations). i haven't tried it or looked too closely but i guess i should.

Jodi said...

Nope. I haven't been doing the pocket mod thing. I forget to make one at home and I try to do it quickly at work and get lots of questions "what are you doing? Are you doing origami?" I have trouble folding it sometimes! I'll check it out though.

Anonymous said...

If you like, I think you'll like even better.

It has daily puzzles at five levels of difficulty. The grid can be displayed at three different sizes, and you can print the puzzle at one of four sizes. Unlike, this site can offer hints or solve the next step for you.

- KristinW

Jodi said...

Thanks Kristin. I'll check it out. I usually don't like hints though!

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