Who Needs Sleep?

Well, I do. I had a good amount of sleep Saturday night/Sunday morning. I'm off Monday, so as usual, I'm staying up way too late. Eric, for once, has gone to bed before me, but then he only had about 3 hours of sleep last night. I'm actually surprised he made it this far.

I started making a to-do list and it's getting pretty long. It just occurred to me too that I didn't include any of the Halloween prep stuff that needs to be done, such as:
  • Decorate the front lawn.
  • Get the items for my work costume. We always have a theme and this year it was chosen on a day I was off and someone decided what character I'd be. Okay. Whatever. I'm one of the boys in Peter Pan...John, I think...all I know is that I get to wear pajamas to work, so that's fine with me.
  • Figure out a costume for a party this coming weekend. I don't think I can be my work costume as I have to borrow Eric's top hat. He's planning to be Charles De Mar from Better Off Dead, so he'll need the hat on Saturday.
  • Purchase candy for the trick-or-treaters. Preferably something I find disgusting, like something filled with coconut, so I won't consume the leftovers. We always have leftovers.
Okay, now my brain is officially starting to get a bit overloaded, so I think I should sleep. A little, anyway. Goodnight.


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