Halloween Love

Halloween is quickly approaching. I love Halloween. I don't think I've ever declared this, but it just may be my favorite holiday. As my friend Patrick pointed out the other night, Halloween is the one holiday that has not been co-opted by some religious group. So, here are some personal musings and memories of Halloween.
  • My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn.
  • The best costume I ever wore for Halloween had to be when Eric and I dressed as sock monkeys. I must find a photo to post!
  • One of my neighbors in Reedville, Virginia would give out Rice Krispie treats. She lived across the street from me and was also the principal of my Primary School (grades K-3).
  • Another neighbor would give out pennies. To me, that was as bad as getting raisins.
  • My work environment is extremely conducive to dressing up for Halloween. We do group themes. This year, my group is doing Peter Pan and I was assigned to be one of the boys. I haven't gotten my costume together yet, but hey, I get to wear pajamas to work! How cool is that?
  • Eric and I have fun decorating our yard for Halloween. We do a little more each year and get fewer kids each year. Maybe if we had streetlights on our street...
  • I got to go trick-or-treating in my neighborhood two years ago when my nieces were visiting. That was a blast!
  • I love going to cool events like The Fright Gallery puts on each year.
  • But I do not like going to haunted houses where people jump out at you. No thank you.
  • I do enjoy visiting a pumpkin patch, going through a corn maze, and going on a hay ride this time of year. Faulkner Farm is a pretty good place to do all of that.
  • After the pumpkin is carved (preferably by someone more talented than me), I like to toast the seeds for a yummy, crunchy snack.

I'm sure I'll think of more things later, but that's it for now. I have just enough time of lunch break left to run out for a Pump-It-Up Pumpkin smoothie from Robeks. It's seasonal and it's delicious!



Anonymous said...

It is a fun holiday. Looking forward to it this year with being in the neighborhood I am in, lots of kids.

You've been through a corn maze?? I am jealous. There are tons around here, hoping to be able to go through one this year.

TiggerLarue said...

I'm with you on the haunted houses. I don't enjoy going to them. However WORKING in one is GREAT fun. You should try it sometime. There's something particularly fun about scarying the crap out of big burly guys who think they know when mummy is going to pop up out of the coffin.

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