A Variety of Pairs

The best bumper stickers I've seen this week (at the same time, same parking lot, 2 different cars):
  • "Honk If You Love Pigs"
  • "I'd Rather Be at a Rick Springfield Concert"
I caught a new show on Noggin called Jack's Big Music Show. It's wonderful. Puppets. Music. What more can you ask for? My favorite characters from the show:
  • Mel, the dog who plays drums
  • Sheldon, the grumpy squirrel
Stupid things I did this weekend:
  • Left my flat iron (which I hadn't even used) on Saturday morning when I went to work.
  • Stayed up for about 23 hours straight Saturday/Sunday. Really brilliant thing to do when you've been ill.
I'm not a big horror fan. But, I did see part of a couple of horror films that I do like this weekend:
  • Return of the Living Dead
  • Shaun of the Dead
A couple of tidbits I learned last night:
  • Blackberry brandy is kind of nasty.
  • Blackberry brandy mixed with Coca-Cola is less nasty.
Fun things I did after work last night:
  • I attended the closing night of a play called One West Wacker. Too bad it's over and I can't tell people to go see it. It really was a great show. Congrats to our friends (Wendy, Jeff, Karla, Virginia) who were involved.
  • I went to an entertaining, if not at times confusing, party. A few photos will be posted on my flickr site. A few of the photos will not be posted.
CDs I'm really itching to buy:
  • You Could Have It So Much Better - Franz Ferdinand - got it!
  • The Hard and the Easy - Great Big Sea
  • The Return of the Living Dead Soundtrack


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