Go See Wallace & Gromit!

The movie was great!

(The a-holes sitting behind us...not so good. That's what you get when you see a movie in Burbank though).



Anonymous said...

What did the people behind you do?

Jodi said...

They were very drunk (which they were quite proud of), kicking the seats, being very loud...repeating lines and commenting on the movie. We didn't really want to miss the movie ourselves, so complained after and got passes to something else, which is all well and good, but means seeing a movie there again. I don't mean to be snobby, but I much prefer going to the Arclight where people are there to see movies and there is an usher in the theater for any issues.

Anon: who are you? ;-)

Anonymous said...

man... were these kids or adults?

Jodi said...


ren said...

yeah, we have made plans to go see it at the arclight for that very reason. i don't go to the movies often but when i do i want to enjoy it.

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