Hodgepodge of Lists

Fun Things I Did This Weekend
  • Saw Jill Sobule and Friends at Largo. It was a good show, but way mellow. I'm hoping for some more upbeat stuff next time she performs.
  • Went to the Janet Klein & Her Borscht Belt Babies vaudeville show at the Steve Allen Theater. My life is just not complete without at least a weekly trip to that venue.
  • Helped Eric put on his 2nd Annual Short Screams Horror Film Festival at CIA. It went well, in spite of a disappointing turnout. I really thought spreading nearly 1,000 postcards all over the city, as well as listings in the L.A. Weekly and Alternative Press would get people out. I guess there are just too many cool things to do in one night here in Los Angeles.
  • Participated in the 4 Paws for a Cure dogwalk with Rusty. Even though we only signed up and started fund raising within the last week, we managed to raise almost $200 for childhood cancer research.

Things That Make Me Smile

  • Goldenboy's Shon Sullivan. He is a talented guitar and piano player, as well as a singer. Aside from his band, he has played with other favorites of mine including Elliott Smith, Neil Finn, and Eels. He is just adorable and obviously has so much fun making music.
  • A random guy in a pet store on Saturday who was so excited to be buying a pig costume for his French Bulldog.
  • Peeps! I put some Peeps links on the side of my page, if anyone reading this shares in the Peep love. I bought some Halloween ones (pumpkins).
  • Ricky Gervais and the tv show Extras.
  • Naps. I took a lovely one yesterday afternoon.

Things That Confound Me

  • The generosity of friends. Several have done very nice things for me lately. Thank you, if you're reading. You know who you are and hopefully have been thanked properly by now.
  • The number of incorrectly pronounced words during NPR newscasts. There were at least 2 I noticed this morning. The Nobel Prize was said as "The Noble Prize." Also, instead of saying that two politicians were going to wind their way up to central California, the broadcaster said they would wind (as in strong breeze) their way.

Things That Make Me Sad

  • So many natural disasters, so much loss of life.
  • Aardman fire that destroyed their archives.
  • My allergies are really, really bad right now. Achoo!
  • I didn't get to see either Franz Ferdinand or Green Day in concert this past weekend. Boo.


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