Rant and Rave

I'm in a bitchy, annoyed sort of mood, so I think I'll make a list of some things that really, really annoy me:
  • Medical offices with pay parking lots.
  • Trailers that practically show the entire movie.
  • Watching people play video games.
  • People who have no concept of "elevator etiquette" and rush to get in as you climb over them on your way out.
  • Dogs that are such pansies they don't want to go onto the wet grass to pee and hose down the screened-in patio instead. (yes, that woud be 2 of my dogs)
  • Going in to work on my day off.
There are always good things too though, like:
  • Getting an unexpected belated birthday gift!
  • Actually feeling appreciated by people, making going into work on my day off not so bad.
  • Got a tape in the mail of a show that Duran Duran was on, but I missed.


ren said...

i appreciate you...not that it helps any, but i do!

K. Marie said...

Medical offices with pay -- PAY! -- parking lots?! Does Arnold know about this?!

Jodi said...

Thanks Ren! Of course it helps! : )

Karenna-I think Arnold instituted it!

Anonymous said...

boy could i add to your list of annoying things. of course, i have more than my fair share of pet peeves, which is why i was forced to leave l.a. (is that short for land of annoyances?)

i can really feel you pain with the elevator etiquette and the dogs on laps in the cars. not a big fan of dogs in those purses either, or dogs in stores. i like dogs but....anyways, now i am thinking of all the things that annoy me. hmph.

well, i will tell you for the second time today that i really appreciate you and your e mails all this distance. love!

Jodi said...

Thanks for the appreciation...I've had more than my fair share today and feel much better actually.

Now we won't get into a discussion about L.A. as you hate it and I love it and we just have to agree to disagree. My perception is that there are little life annoyances everywhere!

Oops, I took Cosette in a store was a pet store though. She'd been to the vet, which is always traumatic, so I took her to get some special treats.

Love and miss you!!!

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