Happy Birthday to Me and My Guy

When you adopt a pet from a Los Angeles City Shelter, they say the animal's birthday is the first day of that month. Since we adopted our dog known as Little Guy from the East Valley Shelter in October of 1999, they made October 1st his birthday. That was really cool as it is also my birthday and he was essentially a birthday gift for me.

We got our first dog, Cosette, as a puppy back in 1992. She has always been more bonded to Eric, so after seven years I really started wanting "my own dog." I received a certificate for my birthday, good for a dog. I knew I wanted to rescue a dog and thought I'd get another American Eskimo Dog.

After meeting one Eskie who was not going to work out, I got discouraged. Eric suggested checking out the shelters. It took a little time, but we found our ragged, sick Little Guy. It took some work to nurse him back to health and integrate him into the household, but it was worth it. He's very sweet and very soft. He has an eternal puppy quality to him.

However, if you are a squirrel, I don't suggest messing with him!


-Aaron said...

Happy Birthday! We were thinking the baby would be born the same day, but no such luck, be a few more days I guess. You all share the same sign though. :)

Some friends of mine have a dog name L.G. too, for Little Girl.

TiggerLarue said...

Happy Birthday to you and Little Guy from the Gabster and friends!

Jodi said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Casper said...

happy birthday little guy. you look so sweet in your picture.

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