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Last night we had what may be our last back yard screening for the year, depending on how the weather holds up. For the last few months, we've set up the 8x12 foot Fast-Fold screen and our projector and shown a themed double feature (except for last month when people got too tired and decided to go home after the first one).

We wanted something on the spooky side for October, so opted for the theme of British zombies! We showed 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead, two great films. I'm not going to pretend to do any sort of intelligent film reviews. I often struggle just to put together a somewhat coherent sentence. But, I will say a bit about what I like about each of these movies.

First of all, I have never been much of a zombie or horror-film-in-general fan. That said, I was really scared to see 28 Days Later in the theater when it first opened. Somehow, I survived though and really liked it. One of the things I really like is Jim awakening in the hospital and wandering around London, realizing it is completely empty. It's terrifying. The performances are great and the story moves along nicely. I think I enjoyed it even more last night, which was only the second time I'd watched it since its theatrical release.

Shaun of the Dead is one of those movies that has it all. Humor, drama, horror, gore, satire. It switches modes well too and only adds to the picture instead of being a downfall. Simon Pegg is simply brilliant in the film, as is the rest of the cast. He has a comic sensibility that reminds me a little of Ricky Gervais, another favorite of mine. The comparison of people going through their daily lives on auto-pilot to zombies is pretty blatant, but very funny nonetheless.


ren said...

and thank you guys for showing my two favorite movies (even though i hate zombies and i always have zombie dreams after watching them). the thing i love about both of those movies is that not a thing goes to waste. every moment, every joke, every bit of blood totally counts (especially for poor frank). it all ties in. love love love them. thank you

Jodi said...

Absolutely! I'm watching some of the "Extras" right now on the Shaun of the Dead dvd. Heh. The Coldplay interview cracks me up! James will be happy to hear Sting became a zombie!

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