And Your Little Dog Too!

Okay, one more annoyance, and then I'm done with being grumpy for today and will be in an okay mood.

I can not stand it when people drive with their small dog on their lap. Think about it.

Most cars are now equipped with airbags, which have been known to bruise, burn, abrade, paralyze, and in a very small percentage of cases, kill people (usually us small stature women...don't put your seat to close to the steering wheel, girls!). So, what do you think would happen to a small, Pug-size dog?

Furthermore, if you have to suddently slam on your brakes or get rear-ended, that unrestrained pup becomes a projectile and potentially seriously or fatally injured. There is a lot of merchandise out there to help people be less stupid.


Anonymous said...

oh the good things.....
today a lady i don't know very well brought me dinner. now, i don't want to be on anyone's pity list, but being so sick lately and donovan being very testy and work and keithless, well, i really appreciated it. it reminded me of something karen would do. so it reminded me of karen. and thinking of karen makes me think of you. i don't know why. and i was thinking how much i love you guys. and miss you guys. and how lucky i am. all that from some chicken stew. hmm. see, i can do more than just complain too.

Jodi said...

That's awesome! Yes, it does sound like something Karen would as she is super-thoughtful in that way. I hope you feel better soon!

(I know you can do more than complain, but I also know you have more than every right to complain about some shit right now!)

ren said... you guys are such dorks there is no way that i am buying EITHER of you dinner. i'd make you some chicken stew though, i make some pretty good chicken and dumplings.

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